Cater Rendezvous is the exclusive onsite caterer at History Colorado and wants to ensure your menu has a personal touch.

Service Systems Associates Inc, a national leader in the culinary arts, is well versed in authentic and classic fare to cutting-edge cuisine. You may choose from one of the current menus below, or Executive Chef Nick Estell & our event team can work with you to create a seamless menu for your distinct event.

Our Team

David Furst

General Manager

When David is not leading his team at the History Colorado Center, he can be found building furniture, spending time with his family, eating Mediterranean Tapas, or watching his favorite movie, Shawshank Redemption.

Nick Estell

Executive Chef

When Nick is not at work, he can be found hiking with his family, enjoying a new craft beer, eating street tacos, or watching his favorite movie, the Big Lebowski. Though he eats a primarily vegetable-based diet, Nick loves smoking meats!

Natalie Schwab

Director of Catering and Event Sales

An avid reader, one of Natalie’s favorite pass-times is wandering around bookstores looking for her next good read. She loves anything and everything pasta, and enjoys a good glass of champagne. In fact, you can find a champagne glass that fits two bottles at her desk, just in case there’s ever a need for a celebration!

Matthew Skye

Director of Catering Operations

As Celine Dion’s self-proclaimed #1 fan, Matthew loves anything and everything Celine-related. In his free time, Matthew enjoys spending time with his two pups, Charming and Nova, eating Chicago-style pizza, and finding new adventures.


Jenna Beard

Catering Sales Manager

Jenna loves long walks on the beach, no really, a native of Hawaii, the beach is her favorite place to spend time! At any given time, Jenna can be found watching Pulp Fiction, listening to her favorite artist, Prince, or eating her favorite foods, sushi, French fries, and bacon (not together, of course).

Becky Krizman – Catering Services Manager

Though she was raised in Alaska, Becky is an avid Broncos fan. She worked in many areas of the event world and enjoyed her time as a chef and a sales manager. One of her favorite memories is when she spent time in Costa Rica helping rescuing sea turtles. Oh yes, and all things Game of Thrones!

Ashley Fischietto – Catering Services Manager

A Colorado native, Ashley loves all things Disney and dogs!

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